DEADLINE 1.3.2021, at 23.59 (CEST)




FREE CONTEST – @urbanstreetphotogallery x @Squarehood 📸😎
Thanks to Squarehood, the partner of our new contest. Squarehood is a top quality brand for street photographers. For photographers with a Fuji X camera is already a household name!
Thanks to our special guests judges: Claudia Pawlak (@claudslr) from Ephimera (@ephimera_com)  and Jonas Rask (@jonas.rask).

Claudia and Jonas will form the jury with our team member Nick Fabian (@sleepingastronaut).
What: The theme is Urban. Tag new and old photos of  urban photography and/or street photography on the urban environment: #uspg_urban

When? From 22 February at 9pm – Deadline 01 March at 11.59pm (CEST time).
We will announce the winners the 7 March 2021.
Who is on the jury?  Claudia Pawlak (@claudslr) from Ephimera (@ephimera_com)  and Jonas Rask (@jonas.rask) and our team member Nick Fabian (@sleepingastronaut).
What can you win? 1. Prize: a beautiful Lenshood by Squarehood for Fujinon – you choose which one. (Alternative a beautiful strap by Squarehood)
The 1., 2. and 3. winners will receive our @urbanitypresets Bundle – 3x Presets Collections made by @francesco_portelli for Urban Street Photo Gallery.
The contest is FREE and you can participate with more than 1 image (no limit).



Claudia Pawlak (@claudslr) from Ephimera (@ephimera_com) 

Claudia Pawlak is a photographer currently residing in Toronto, Ontario. She uses photography as a means of preserving emotional response evoked from the spaces around her. Claudia’s work aims to create a personal narrative connecting her relationship with people and place. She has exhibited work in both group shows and solo shows on a local and international scale. Claudia holds an M.A. in Arts Management and Leadership as well as a B.F.A. in Photography Studies.



Jonas Rask (@jonas.rask)

Jonas is a Doctor M.D. graduated from the University of Aarhus. He is an Official Fujifilm X-Photographer and a member of the KAGE collective.

His photographic inspiration comes from the interplay between humans and their surroundings. Drawing directly from his degree in medicine, his type of street photography seeks to isolate the human element and direct focus towards it, using the cityscape as a stark material contrast. He brings this documentary street photography style to his contract photography work, where he functions as a documentary wedding photographer, as well as a portrait photographer.



Nick Fabian (@sleepingastronaut)

Nick Fabian is a Germany based photographer, member of Urban Street Photo Gallery. He is always on the lookout for unique moments. Between streets, foreign cities and distant countries, his camera is his faithful companion. Nick Fabian photographs what he feels, intuitive and candid photos are his specialty. In a world that is getting steadily faster, it is his task as a photographer to capture something timeless from the speed of life. Nick Fabian sees photography as a gateway to another dimension.




Squarehood (@squarehood)

Camera accessories for Fujifilm cameras.


  1. The image has to be a urban photography image and/or a street photography image on the urban environment
  2. The theme of the current contest is ‘Urban’
  3. The image has to be your own work and you need to have all the rights to publish it
  4. The image has to be uploaded directly from your account
  5. To participate to the contest you need to use the specific hashtag #uspg_urban
  6. Use the hashtag for one or more images (no limit)!
  7. The first winner will receive a prize from Squarehood. The first, second and third winners will receive a prize from Urbanity Presets.
  8. The copyright of the image will remain of the photographers.
  9. The 3 winners images will published on the website and social media channels of Urban Street Photo Gallery, announced as winners.
  10. The 3 winners image can be published on the partners websites and their social media channels, announced as winners.
  11. They are excluded from the participation of the contest: The team of Urban Street Photo Gallery and the team of the partners of the contest.
  12. For any questions, please PM us directly on Instagram.