Interview with Adtamo by SleepingAstronaut

January 17, 2020

S: Thank you so much for taking part in my interview project. I and many others will be interested in how and when you came to street photography? Or why photography at all?

A: It is my pleasure. I am a mostly a self-taught amateur photographer. Photography was a natural extension of my love of travel. My photography journey probably started in 2015 when I travelled through Ethiopia and Morocco on my own. My wife is an experienced amateur photographer but would not be travelling with me on this trip. So instead of being the ‘photographic mule’, and with a few tips from my wife, I started to put into practice what I had observed over the years. From there my passion for ‘documentary photography further developed during a short trip in the Vietnamese town, Hoi An. Afterwards I started to make the effort to go out and walk the streets and alleys of my hometown Melbourne and its inner suburbs, and in the process I started to discover my home cities true soul. From there I just photographed whatever captured my attention, slowly forming an understanding, vision and style for my photography.

S: I am especially fascinated by the variety of your photos, how would you describe your own style and what is important to you when you take pictures?

A: I’ve never really thought about labelling my style. What is street photography, ask 10 ‘street’ photographers and you will likely receive 10 different answers. Really street, travel and photojournalism are all forms of documentary photography. If pushed I would say my main style is a fusion of street and urban but really I see no reason to apply a label. Shoot what you like and let others worry about the labels.

S: As can be seen in your feed, you travel a lot. Is travelling a source of inspiration for you? What else inspires you?

A: I absolutely love travelling, it is the cure for the ignorance plaguing parts of the western world. In particular I enjoy visiting countries which are culturally different to my life in Australia. It can be very challenging at times, but that is when the best opportunities for personal growth arise. Living in Australia, Asia is one of our most accessible options. Asia is amazing for food, people, custom and culture.

My other passion is road cycling. My perfect day would be a 100km ride in the morning followed by a photo walk around Melbourne in the afternoon with a delicious noodle soup for dinner.

S: Which artists and photographers have inspired you the most?

A: I am not a street photographer that has followed the works of the renown artists of the genre, nor have I completed any photography qualification. As already stated I am a mostly a self-taught amateur photographer.

S: Do you have a tip for photographers who are new to street photography?

A: Enjoy the process. Get out and just shoot, experimenting with different scenes, approaches and styles to your find your own voice.

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