Interview with Henry Touvinen by SleepingAstronaut

February 5, 2020

1) Thank you so much for taking part in my interview project. I and many others will be interested in how and when you came to street photography? Or why photography at all?

H: Hi and thanks for having me! I’m still fairly new to street photography as i’ve only been doing this for about 1.5 years. My photography journey really started in late 2017 and for about 6 months I took photos of literally everything. After bumping into Evan Ranft’s Youtube channel in the spring of 2018 I slowly started taking interest in street photography and I’m still on that path!

2) I am especially fascinated by the cinematic aspect of your photos, how would you describe your own style and what is important to you when you take pictures?

H: I’d say my style is quite moody and cinematic(ish). I love using colors and they’re a big part of my style. I try to look for interesting subjects and/or scenes when I’m shooting, anything really that I think looks and feels good. I try my best to make Helsinki look and feel more like a big city in my work.

3) Your photos have a style all of their own – how much importance do you place on editing your photos?

H: A lot. I take my time with editing and usually edit a photo multiple times before publishing it. Post processing is where my style really comes alive.

4) Which artists and photographers have inspired you the most?

H: There’s so many great artists I look up to and who inspire me, mainly on Instagram. Here’s a few of them – @visualmemories_ , @evanranft , @philipwarp , @joshkjack , @teemu.jpeg , @heroesforsale and @kasperikropsu . From the old school photographers Saul Leiter is by far my favorite.

5) Do you have a tip for photographers who are new to street photography?

H: Just keep shooting as much as you can and experiment with different ideas and editing styles. With these you’ll eventually find your own style and figure out what you want to shoot!

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