Discover the photographer Philip Warp, featured on Urban Street Photo Gallery.

Philip Warp is a street photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.

He is originally from Florence, Italy, where he was born and lived for 17 years before moving to New York.

His passion for night photography came from an urgency to discover a different side of New York City. A more intimate and introvert side of the city.

Hiding under his umbrella, Philip quietly observes and documents the silence and the energy of the night, the inhabitants of the city, and their emotions.

Unique of his style is the way he leverages his umbrella to manipulate light and compose his photos.

Rain, umbrellas, dark and elusive figures, reflections of light, and vivid colors are all elements that prevail in all his photos.

For Philip, the city is a universe of vivid colors that exists only in his mind. His photos are a way for him to bring his visions to life.


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