“Urbanity” is the new book of Francesco Portelli

It’s not just a book of street photography. It’s an idea. It’s a vision.

The vision of the world outside through Francesco’s eyes…!

A world made of light and shadow and people who live every day, crossing these borders…!

“In my street photography, I always search for the contrast between the moving human figure and urban elements.

Life, in a space where everything is still, motionless. I love creating surreal places made by light and shadow.

I leave the observer to decide whether to indulge on the light, or whether to enter the obscurity.”

Francesco Portelli


Francesco is a professional photographer, born and based in Turin, Italy, a city that always inspired him on his artistic journey.

Shapes, lines and light; contaminated by art and design, Francesco’s street photography exits space and time. Every place becomes no place, and every moment becomes eternal.


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